The Internet, Policy & Politics Conferences

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford


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PDF icon Special Panel: De-MOOC-ifying Online Learning
Anatoliy Gruzd, Ksenia Tsyganova PDF icon Politically Polarized Online Groups and their Social Structures formed around the 2013-2014 crisis in Ukraine
Anders Olof Larsson PDF icon The EU Parliament on Twitter - Assessing the Permanent Online Practices of Parliamentarians
Andreas Møller Jørgensen PDF icon The question of technologically mediated civic political participation reformulated
Benedikt Boecking, Margeret Hall, Jeff Schneider PDF icon Predicting Events Surrounding the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 Using Learning Algorithms on Micro Blog Data
Boyu Chen (National Sun Yat-sen University), Dachi Liao (National Sun Yat-sen University), Hsin-Che Wu (Nanjing University), San-Yih Hwang (National Sun Yat-sen University) PDF icon The Logic of Communitive Action: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement
Brita Schemmann PDF icon Towards public participation and policy-making 2.0 Absorbing citizensourced ideas: a case study approach
Carl Adams PDF icon Crowdfunding guidance and practice: Value added co-creation
Carlos Arias (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana), Jorge Antonio Garcia (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana), Alejandro Corpeno (Icoms Technologies) PDF icon Population as Auditor of an Election Process in Honduras: VotoSocial
Celina E. Raffl PDF icon Open Societal Innovation (OSI) for Politics, Public Administration, and Civil Society
David Garcia, Adiya Abisheva, Simon Schweighofer, Uwe Serdült, Frank Schweitzer PDF icon Network polarization in online politics participatory media
Dennis Friess, Christiane Eilders PDF icon Analyzing Crowd Discussion Towards a more complete model to measure and explain online deliberation
Dieter Zinnbauer PDF icon Crowd-sourcing corruption: some challenges, some possible futures
Elizabeth Resor PDF icon The Neo-Humanitarians: Assessing the Credibility of Organized Volunteer Crisis Mappers
Eoin Cullina, Kieran Conboy, Lorraine Morgan PDF icon Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Mechanisms for Scientific Research Funding Agencies – A Preliminary Entity Categorisation Matrix
Erhardt Graeff PDF icon Crowdsourcing as Reflective Political Practice: Building a Location-based Tool for Civic Learning and Engagement
Frances Griffiths, Tim Doberman, Margaret Thorogood, Jane Goudge, Samantha Johnson, Kave Salamatian, Xavier Gomez Olive, Jonathan Cave PDF icon Impact of digital social networks on health and health systems
Francesco Bailo PDF icon Mapping online political talks through network analysis: A case study of the website of Italy's Five Star Movement
Gregory Asmolov PDF icon Vertical crowdsourcing: The discourses of activity and the governance of crowds in emergency situations
Henk Koerten, Peter van den Besselaar PDF icon Citizen science and Crowd science in biodiversity research
Henrik Serup Christensen, Maija Karjalainen, Laura Nurminen PDF icon What does crowdsourcing legislation entail for the participants? The Finnish case of Avoin Ministeriö
Ivar Hartmann PDF icon Let The Users Be The Filter? Crowdsourced Filtering To Avoid Online Intermediary Liability
Jean-Michel Dalle PDF icon A direct empirical study of the determinants of online work supply in Amazon Mechanical Turk
John Gastil (Penn State University), Robert Richards (Penn State University), Graham Smith (Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster) PDF icon The potential of Participedia as a crowdsourcing tool for comparative analysis of democratic innovations
John Prpić, Araz Taeihagh, James Melton Jr PDF icon Experiments on Crowdsourcing Policy Assessment
John Prpić, Araz Taeihagh, James Melton Jr PDF icon A Framework for Policy Crowdsourcing
John Prpić, Prashant Shukla PDF icon Crowd Capital in Governance Contexts
Jorge Goncalves, Yong Liu, Bin Xiao, Saad Chaudhry, Simo Hosio, Vassilis Kostakos PDF icon A Case Study in Modelling Government-Citizen Interaction in Facebook
Josh Cowls PDF icon The Crowd in the Cloud: Three challenges for gauging public opinion online
Jude Ntabathia PDF icon Politics and Volunteered Geographic Information: Reflections on the 2007 and 2013 Kenyan Elections
Katharina Große PDF icon Discussing Germany’s Future: The Evaluation of Federal Online Citizen Participation
Margeret Hall, Simon Caton PDF icon A Crowdsourcing Approach to Identify Common Method Bias and Self-Representation
Matti Nelimarkka, Brandie Nonnecke, Sanjay Krishnan, Tanja Aitamurto, Daniel Catterson, Camille Crittenden, Chris Garland, Conrad Gregory, Ching-Chang (Allen) Huang, Gavin Newsom, Jay Patel, John Scott, Ken Goldberg PDF icon Comparing Three Online Civic Engagement Platforms using the “Spectrum of Public Participation” Framework
Mayo Fuster Morell, Ruben Martínez, Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado PDF icon Mapping the common based peer production: A crowd-sourcing experiment
Melanie Dulong de Rosnay, Primavera De Filippi PDF icon Regulating Distributed Peer-Production Infrastructures
Mizuki Sakamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima PDF icon A Community-based Crowdsourcing Service for Achieving a Sustainable Society through Micro-Level Crowdfunding
Panos Panagiotopoulos, Dennis De Widt, Martin Laffin PDF icon How UK local government actors reacted to 2013 central spending decisions: the #localgov Twitter community
Pete Burnap, Matthew L. Williams PDF icon Hate Speech, Machine Classification and Statistical Modelling of Information Flows on Twitter
Rodrigo Davies PDF icon Civic crowdfunding as a marketplace for participation in urban development
Roxana Radu, Nicolo Zingales, Enrico Calandro PDF icon Let the crowd decide? Crowdsourcing ideas as an emerging form of multistakeholder participation
Sara C. Kingsley, Mary L. Gray, Siddharth Suri PDF icon Monopsony and the Crowd: Labor for Lemons?
Simo Hosio, Jorge Goncalves, Vassilis Kostakos, Jukka Riekki PDF icon Voices in the Noise: Crowdsourcing Public Opinion using Urban Pervasive Technologies
Taneli Heikka PDF icon Reprogramming power through crowdsourcing: time, space and citizenship in crowdsourcing for law in Finland
Tobias Escher, Jost Sieweke, Ulf Tranow, Simon Dischner, Dennis Friess, Philipp Hagemeister, Katharina Esau PDF icon Internet-mediated cooperative norm setting in the university
Tom Nicholls, Simon Gray PDF icon Crowdsourcing measurement of e-government usability
Veikko Eranti, Juho Lindman PDF icon Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding a Presidential Campaign
Vili Lehdonvirta, Helena Barnard, Mark Graham, Isis Hjorth PDF icon Online labour markets – leveling the playing field for international service markets?