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Carlos Arias, Jorge Antonio Garcia, Alejandro Corpeno: Population as Auditor of an Election Process in Honduras: VotoSocial

Paper presenter: 
Carlos Arias

For a country to become fully democratic the majority of the population needs to be involved in the politics of the country. Involvement requires people to be aware of what is happening, and to be able to participate in the political processes of the country. Crowdsourcing systems penetrate the social media, and by doing so they allow the general population to actively participate in the political life of their country. VotoSocial is a crowdsourcing system that was born during the 2013 government elections in Honduras, it was able to digitise the official scanned polling table records, and by doing so it verified the accuracy of the official results as they were given by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. It was found that there was no fraud in the digitalisation process, but further statistical analysis showed a data behaviour that is usually seen when there is incremental fraud in an electoral process.

Carlos Arias (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana), Jorge Antonio Garcia (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana), Alejandro Corpeno (Icoms Technologies)