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Yasuda: Preventing Cyber Bullying at School: The Difficulties of Guardians and How Schools Can Aid Them


Yasuda, H., Shimonoseki Technical High School, Shimonoseki City, Japan


Guardians and children receive the favor of mobile phones and school bear the brunt of it very much. The main reason that guardians can not instruct their children is an insufficient knowledge about “Technology”. There is no difference between cyber-bullying and traditional bullying, but knowledge is needed to prevent cyber-bullying. The research practice focuses on awareness of parental control, lack of knowledge about technology. This study is our educational practice that reconstructs the current education of Information Ethics by enabling parental control supported by the school. High risk group students caused most of the internet and mobile internet trouble in school. In this report we have estimated the percentage of high risk group students.

cyber-bullying, mobile phone, school education, parents’ education, cyber crime, internet threats
Hirohiko Yasuda