The Internet, Policy & Politics Conferences

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Alex Rosenblat, Karen Levy, Solon Barocas, Tim Hwang PDF icon Discriminating Tastes: Customer Ratings as Vehicles for Bias
Alissa Centivany PDF icon Participatory Policymaking on Collaborative Social Media Platforms
Anoush Margaryan PDF icon Understanding crowdworkers' learning practices
Aradhya Sethia, Nimoy Kher PDF icon The Indian Identity Platform (‘Aadhaar’): The Implications for Citizen-Government Relationships in a Developing Country Context
Aurélien Faravelon, Stéphane Grumbach PDF icon Platforms and Governments
Barry Brown, Moira McGregor, Mareike Glöss, Airi Lampinen PDF icon On-Demand Taxi Driving: Labour Conditions, Surveillance, and Exclusion
Bertin Martens PDF icon How online platforms challenge traditional views of the firm and the regulation of market failures
Carmel Kent, Rafaeli Sheizaf, Rechavi Amit PDF icon Topological Indicators of Networked Learning
Christopher Foster, Shamel Azmeh PDF icon Digital latecomer economies and national internet policy: The case of China
Daniel O'Connor, Matthew Schruers PDF icon Against Platform Regulation
Diego Garzia PDF icon Personalization of Politics Between Television and the Internet: Leader Effects in the 2013 Italian Parliamentary Election
Dina Mansour-Ille, Sebastian Ille PDF icon Reinventing Revolutions: The Moral Politics of Cyberactivism in the Case of the Egyptian Secularist Movement
Felix Fischer PDF icon How Do U.S. Teens And Young Adults Construct Their Identities In And Through Self-Taken Photographs?
Francesco Bailo PDF icon Political stability and the fragmentation of online publics in multilingual states
Galina Selivanova, Olessia Koltsova PDF icon Explaining Offline Participation in a Social Movement with Online Data: The Case of Observers for Fair Elections
Giacomo Livan, Tomaso Aste, Fabio Caccioli PDF icon Reciprocity-induced bias in digital reputation
Hitoshi Okada, Vanessa Bracamonte PDF icon The Influence of the Emerging Virtual Currency on Nation, Society, and Economy
Hugo van Haastert PDF icon Government as a Platform: Public Values in the Age of Big Data
J. Nathan Matias PDF icon The Civic Labor of Online Moderators
James Melton, Robert Miller, Brent Jensen PDF icon Platform Assumptions: Perceptions of Social Media Participation and Non-Participation in Hiring Decisions
Jean-Christophe Plantin, Alison Powell PDF icon Open maps, closed knowledge: what the platformization of maps means for citizenship and society
Jeff Kosseff PDF icon Twenty Years of Intermediary Immunity: the U.S. Experience
Jing Zeng, Chung-hong Chan, King-wa Fu PDF icon What is social media platforms’ role in constructing ‘truth’ around crisis events? A case study of Weibo’s rumour management str
John Grönvall, Mats Nylund PDF icon Government and collaborative media as platforms - New democratic initiatives in Helsinki
Jonas Andersson Schwarz PDF icon Platform logic: The need for an interdisciplinary approach to the platform-­‐based economy
Jorge Goncalves PDF icon RDV: An Easy to Use Data Visualisation Tool for Reddit
Katharina Esau, Dennis Friess, Christiane Eilders PDF icon Design Matters! An empirical analysis of online deliberation on different news platforms
Ksenia Tsyganova, Dmitri Tsyganov, Anatoliy Gruzd PDF icon Comparing Friendship vs Communication Networks among Members of Politically Motivated Online Groups
Lillian Rigling, Amelia Clarkson PDF icon Behind the Screen: How Platform-Specific Policy affects Consumer Behaviour of Non-Consensual Pornography
Luci Pangrazio PDF icon Technologically Situated - The Tacit Rules of Platform Participation
Maria Fernanda Arreola PDF icon The emergence of the Social Media Entrepreneur
Markus Krause, Margeret Hall, Simon Caton PDF icon Is Quality Control Pointless?
Michael Castelle PDF icon The Platform as Exchange: Financial Metaphors for the Regulation of Marketplace Platforms
Namhee Hong, Kiheon Kang PDF icon New Censorship and Economic Governmentality through Platforms: A Critical Analysis of 'Temporary Measures' Since 2008 in South K
Neil Bendle, Joseph (Jun Hyun) Ryoo PDF icon Understanding US Primary Candidates’ Communication Strategies and Topics of Interest Through Twitter
Nicolas Suzor PDF icon Digital constitutionalism: Using the rule of law to evaluate the legitimacy of governance by platforms
Otto Kassi, Vili Lehdonvirta PDF icon Online Labour Index: Measuring the Online Gig Economy for Policy and Research
Pablo Aragon, Vicenç Gómez, Andreas Kaltenbrunner PDF icon Measuring Platform Effects on Online Democracy
Peter Cihon, Taha Yasseri, Scott Hale, Helen Margetts PDF icon Tweeting for the Cause: Network Analysis of UK Petition Sharing
Pieter Nooren, Nicolai van Gorp, Nico van Eijk PDF icon Digital Platforms: a practical framework for evaluating policy options
Rikke Frank Jørgensen PDF icon Negotiating boundaries: How platforms shape human rights
Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, Matti Nelimarkka, Jesse Haapoja PDF icon Telling citizens how to vote: voting advice applications as a boundary object for political influence and discussion
Sandra Bermudez, Jonathan Bright, Jean-Benoit Pilet, Thomas Soubiran PDF icon Power Users in Online Democracy: their origins and impact
Tarleton Gillespie, Mike Ananny PDF icon Public Platforms: Beyond the Cycle of Shocks and Exceptions
Tatsuo Nakajima, Monami Takahashi, Hina Akasaki PDF icon Design Strategy for Building a Flourished Platform Society
Tiago Silva PDF icon Bypassing the messenger: Candidates' campaign on the Social Networking Sites in three first-order elections
Tibor Dessewffy, Zsofia Nagy, Daniel Vary PDF icon Where are Those Better Angels of Our Society?
Tuukka Lehtiniemi PDF icon Reorienting Datafication? New Roles For Users In Online Platform Markets
Urbano Reviglio della Venaria PDF icon A Right to Internet Serendipity? An alternative way to tackle the threats of an over-personalized Internet experience
Veerapandi Palanisamy Harshini Raji, C.Velayutham PDF icon ‘Shakthi’: An experimental study on developing and testing a mobile phone application to bring legal redressal awareness to youn