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I am a Data Scientist at the Oxford Internet Institute of the University of Oxford. I develop and apply techniques from computer science to research questions in both computer science and the social sciences. I am particularly interested in the area of human-computer interaction, the spread of information between speakers of different languages online, and the roles of bilingual Internet users. I am also interested in collective action and politics more generally. I maintain my personal website and blog at

Beyond Books slide presentation

31 July 2012 1

The OII InteractiveVis team has been busy at work and anticipates an exciting release of two demo visualizations extremely soon. In the meantime, there is lots to share, and I wanted to share one item now (can you tell we’re more into coding than blogging? sorry, we’re working on getting more up on this blog).… Read More »


7 June 2012 0

We’re very excited to be starting this project and getting underway. Initial project meetings have mapped out our timeline and initial goals and now we’re off to survey some of the existing libraries available for producing interactive visualizations at a more in depth level. By the end of the project, we aim to have easy… Read More »

Welcome, InteractiveVis project vision

16 May 2012 0

The InteractiveVis project, funded by JISC from May to September 2012, aims to allow easy creation of interactive visualisations for geospatial and network data using native web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and SVG) and allow these visualisations to be self-contained so that they may run entirely offline in ebooks and other media. The project will survey… Read More »