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Build your own interactive network

15 November 2012 62

Similar to the map builder, there is a web-based version of the network builder under development. The web based version is useful as it provides immediate feedback on a new interactive visualization — due to browser security restrictions the visualizations will not run from a local computer without a webserver. Nevertheless, the scale and size… Read More »

Build your own interactive map

11 November 2012 0

After initial testing in our closed beta period, the InteractiveVis team is very happy to open the Interactive Map Builder to everyone. All you need is some interesting data at a country level — or use our literacy data to start. Information about the data format is available in the Preparing data… post, and the… Read More »

US election zoom-in

5 November 2012 1

Update: 6 November 2012 – Featured in the Guardian. Interactive world maps are great, but the excitement over the US Presidential Election left us wanting to get a bit more detail. Data collected by Mark Graham, Adham Tamer, Ning Wang, and I (Scott Hale) created the opportunity to try this. I built a new US… Read More »