Updated plugin and future development

11 April 2016 12

Released in 2012, the sigma.js plugin for Gephi allows for the interactive display of network data in a web browser using open-source technologies, principally sigma.js. The HTML framework and Gephi plugin were a collaborative effort by Scott A. Hale, Joshua Melville, and Kunika Kono at the Oxford Internet Institute as part of a small summer… Read More »

Build your own interactive network

15 November 2012 62

Similar to the map builder, there is a web-based version of the network builder under development. The web based version is useful as it provides immediate feedback on a new interactive visualization — due to browser security restrictions the visualizations will not run from a local computer without a webserver. Nevertheless, the scale and size… Read More »

Build your own interactive map

11 November 2012 0

After initial testing in our closed beta period, the InteractiveVis team is very happy to open the Interactive Map Builder to everyone. All you need is some interesting data at a country level — or use our literacy data to start. Information about the data format is available in the Preparing data… post, and the… Read More »

US election zoom-in

5 November 2012 1

Update: 6 November 2012 – Featured in the Guardian. Interactive world maps are great, but the excitement over the US Presidential Election left us wanting to get a bit more detail. Data collected by Mark Graham, Adham Tamer, Ning Wang, and I (Scott Hale) created the opportunity to try this. I built a new US… Read More »

Network visualization lunchtime talk

29 October 2012 0

Scott Hale, of the InteractiveVis project team, will lead an introductory talk on network visualization next Wednesday, 7 November at Oxford’s IT Services. All from the university are welcome to this free event. The talk will cover basic steps to collect, clean, and visualize network data using two desktop software solutions: Gephi and NodeXL. There… Read More »

Preparing data to create your own interactive map

24 October 2012 1

Behind every visualization is data. After some extensive internal testing we are preparing to release a wizard to create map visualizations next week. This wizard will require the data in spreadsheet form as a Google Spreadsheet. (We’d welcome suggestions on future formats and sources). An example of the data for the current visualization on literacy… Read More »

Updated with IE-compatibility, conference appearance, wizard coming soon

29 September 2012 0

Internet Explorer Compatibility The Interactive Visualizations are standards compliant, but not all browsers are. We are relying on the Sigma.js framework to display network visualizations. This library loads networks from an XML (gexf) file and displays them on a canvas object. Since the library’s release, however, XML parsing has not worked correctly on Internet Explorer.… Read More »

Feedback Needed: Interactive map demo

23 August 2012 6

skip to the demo… As with the network diagrams discussed earlier, geographic data can often benefit from the ability to be explored in an interactive manner. The World Bank has many statistics on a per country basis as do other organizations. The CIA World Fact Book also has many statistics like this useful listing of… Read More »

Existing tools and OII InteractiveVis approach

8 August 2012 1

From the beginning of this project, we have been keen to build upon the best of the existing tools and not “reinvent the wheel.” At the same time, however, we have set ourselves some unique parameters to allow the widest use of visualizations produced with the tools we develop. In particular, we want our visualizations… Read More »