Technology in the classrooms of developing countries

Thanks to an invitation of the Ministry of Education in Argentina and the Spanish mobile phone operator, Telefonica, we will give a couple of presentation in Buenos Aires and Corrientes, Argentina. The aim of these talks is to discuss the use of the Internet within and outside of the formal education environment (+ information).

Noteworthy, that the Government of Argentina (as many others around the world) made a significant investment of 3 millions of laptops for their students. So far that Government have invested USD 300 millions (2010) and they are expecting to spend USD 1.000 million during the current year.

It will be interesting to learn the goals and strategies behind this initiative, and particularly to better understand how this initiative is going to be evaluated. Many questions came to my mind after I was told about this titanic and ambitious project. I will be very please to learn more from the argentinians policy maker how they are planing to update their social infrastructure (not the technological one, that has already changed). Michael Trucano, World Bank, point out valuable information in this respect. If anybody would like to read more about this program the name of this initiative is Connecting with Equity (“Conectar con Igualdad“).

Short time ago I also had the chance to collaborate in a thrilling project organized by Wikipedia and Ministry of Education in Argentina (called: to create an offline version of that encyclopaedia. The idea of this project was to provide valuable contents to those argentinians schools without Internet access.