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Article accepted in the Journal of Contemporary European Research

In conjunction with José Agustina at the UIC last year I worked on a study of new internet regulation legislation which has recently come out in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. All of these countries have been plotting various strategies for the stricter enforcement of copyright and have come up with various measures for blocking and filtering infringing websites, taking down illegal content, and disconnecting or limiting the connections of supposed violators. Big questions here not just about free speech but also about standards of evidence and the impact of potentially disconnecting someone. I understand the desire of the creative industry to protect its copyright but a lot of the legislation feels like it may do more harm than good.


This piece has just been accepted by the Journal of Contemporary European Research so I suppose it will be published some time in 2013. The work was financed by the COST action ‘Living in Surveillance Societies‘. It’s been a pleasure working with them and I’ve learnt a lot from colleagues all over Europe.

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