Careful, Now: Turing’s life and the construction of a genius narrative

“I wish I had,” said Steve Jobs when asked if he had designed the Apple logo as a reverence to the computer pioneer Alan Turing who committed suicide with a poisoned apple. Nevertheless, we can draw a line between the mathematician and contemporary technology companies. Without Turing the development of computer science, the end of World War II and the advances in Artificial Intelligence would have taken much longer. We celebrate Turing’s centenary and although his name is generally unknown to the wider public, he will enter history books and the pantheon of science right next to Newton or Darwin. […]

Launch/Thank You

Getting the logistics out of the way in the first post: The administrators for this blog are currently: Yonatan Moskowitz Zander Furnas The editors for this blog are currently: Elizabeth Dubois Neil Basu Radu Rovin If you’d like to contact any of them, you should be able to find the relevant information on the contact page of the blog or on their user profiles (when/if we set them up). All of us Rough Cons would like to express a huge thank you to David Sutcliffe and Tom King at the Oxford Internet Institute who helped us launch this project. Your […]