Rough Consensus is the student blog of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). It began in January of 2012, and is open to posts from all current graduate students at the OII.

Despite our varied academic, social, and cultural backgrounds, we share a concern for the same issues:

  • The social and political impact of the internet
  • Internet and communication policy

These topics are written about elsewhere, but in our opinion, discussions are typically either too technical or too simplified to effectively communicate issues to multiple audiences. We aim to change that.

We rarely all agree on anything, but we respect civility, data, and well-argued theory. We write for an educated audience interested in communication issues, but we try not to assume any topic specific background knowledge.

Our name was inspired from David Clark‘s quote (when describing the Internet Engineering Task Force’s decision making process): “We reject: kings, presidents and voting. We believe in: rough consensus and running code.”

DISCLAIMER: Any opinions expressed in blog posts are those of the specific bloggers, not the OII. Any comments should be read with the consideration that comments can be anonymous here.