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Rethinking Digital Media and Political Change

Rethinking Digital Media and Political Change

What are the dangers or new opportunities of digital media? One of the major debates in relation to digital media in the United States has been whether they contribute to political polarization. I argue in a new paper (Rethinking Digital Media and Political Change) that Twitter led to Donald Trump’s rise and success to date […]

Facebook and the Brave New World of Social Research using Big Data

The recent study on emotional contagion in Facebook has caused much debate. OII Professor Ralph Schroeder argues that we need to be thinking about regulation when access to big data on a new scale enables research that affects many people without their knowledge. Recent scandals about privacy and social media have focused on the Orwellian or surveillance dimension. Here, the implications may rather accord with Huxley’s Brave New World, whereby users don’t know that they are being manipulated, and may come to enjoy how their online experiences are conditioning them, with worrisome implications.

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