Smart cities, part two: tracking successes and challenges

June 19, 2014 0

As I discussed in my previous post, presentations at the expo in Kyoto conveyed much optimism about smart cities technologies. Almost all initiatives exhibited showed positive results. City officials illustrated various transport, energy, water usage etc. related initiatives, for which they reported rapid increase in usage levels, in downloads of applications, and in sign-ups to… Read More »

Smart cities, part one: smart appearances

Smart cities are happening now, near you. Some time ago I attended a smart cities expo in Kyoto. It was an assembly of the usual attendees, from public administration, academic institutions, economic development agencies, technology companies, utilities. The largest contingent this time was local government officials. There were many Japanese cities presenting either on stage… Read More »

On building systems

October 20, 2011 0

Entrepreneurship tends to be quite tricky. I think they call it the ‘valley of death’, the first five years of running a business, meaning that is the time when most businesses fail. These failing businesses have been unable to create a stable customer base, to gain the trust of potential clients, and at some point… Read More »

On the doing of innovations at the Do Lectures

September 5, 2011 0

I return to my earlier point in these blog postings about how innovation is much more about doing than the idea. On the Weekend FT (Financial Times, 3-4.9.2011, Life and Arts section, p.8) there is an article about an alternative to the TED lectures. The Do Lectures, taking place in a forest in Wales, tend… Read More »

How change in politics and business are similar

August 1, 2011 0

This might be a somewhat small point, but a point nevertheless: there is a parallel between change in politics and change in business. Recent events in political changes offer a glimpse to general dynamics of change. In more ‘normal’ conditions it is perhaps unsurprising that change requires longitudinal effort. One of the most extraordinary analysts… Read More »

Mobile phones – a paradigm shift?

June 26, 2011 0

The most recent discussion in my current research project, on how a new technological innovation (here mobile technology) begins to take shape in a highly structured and established area of societal activity (here health care), raised one particularly interesting insight. The person I was discussing with, an experienced commercial manager of a software manufacturer for… Read More »

Innovations – stop talking about ideas

June 19, 2011 0

For some time already I have been struck by how thin most (popular press as well as casual) discussions regarding innovating and innovations are. This showed particularly clearly at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in London in March 2011, where I was involved in the Innovation Hub experiment – a UK Cabinet Office attempt to promote… Read More »