The Web at 25

4 August 2016 0

I am sitting here reflecting on the 25th anniversary of the creation of the first web page by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on 6 August 1991 (which can still be seen at, and what the Web has meant for the world so far. What got me thinking about this was two things: Sky News rang… Read More »

Big Data and Public Policy Workshop

15 September 2013 0

On 13 September 2013, I attended a great workshop at the Harvard Faculty Club organized by my colleagues Vicki Nash and Helen Margetts of the Oxford Internet Institute and the journal Policy and Internet on the topic of “Responsible Research Agendas for Public Policy in the Era of Big Data”. The assembled body included not… Read More »

Tanner’s new impact model

29 October 2012 0

Simon Tanner at King’s College London has released his new impact study at This work provides a model for thinking about, measuring and documenting the impact of digital resources.  I’m especially pleased to see our own TIDSR toolkit ( referenced strongly in the document as an example of an “essential point of reference” to… Read More »

CFP: Small data in a Big Data world

25 October 2012 0

The following call for papers comes in from my friend Lois Scheidt. They will be taking a critical look at big data, and what it means for the practice of research. CFP “Small Data” in a “Big Data” World, Panel at International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) 2013  to be held May 15-18, 2013 on… Read More »

AoIR Presentation

25 October 2012 0

The slides here were ones we presented about the end(s) of eresearch and the beginings of big data at the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Internet Research 13 ( meeting in Salford. The End(s) of e-Research from Eric Meyer The presentation focuses on various possible ends to the e-Research programme, including the possibility that it… Read More »