The Internet, Policy & Politics Conferences

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Session 4C: Data Visualisation: Big Data’s Best Friend

Date: Friday 21 September 2012
Time: 10.30-12.00
Room: Seminar Room 2
Presenter: Andy Cotgreave, Tableau


Whether you have 100 or 1 trillion rows, you need to see and think with your data in order to extract meaning. This session will cover visualization best practices. You will learn:

- powerful techniques for encoding data
- how the human visual system works, and what this means for data visualization
- specific options for visualizing massive datasets

You will leave this session with a basic toolkit that will help improve the way you see and understand your data.

About the Speaker

Andy Cotgreave is a senior product consultant with Tableau Software, with over five years’ experience in data visualization. He developed and teaches Tableau’s Visual Analytics course – two days immersed in the cycle of visual analysis. He regularly works with the Guardian Data Store on big news events, telling stories with data. He was previously a Senior Data Analyst at the University of Oxford, where he managed the student reporting team, reporting on student demographics and attainment.

Andy Cotgreave