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Thinking “I should look that up”

Not long ago when listening to the band [Menomena][] I thought to myself, “I should look up more about them.” It’s a pretty mundane thought, in fact one I have pretty regularly through the day, not about Menomena, but about things in general, including books, people, musicians, movies and events. I posit two interesting things… Read More »

Opera Unite and p2p dreamin’

One of the overwhelming new features of digital culture is how objects persist on servers when we’re not tending to them. Facebook photos stay up, mail lie in waiting, pages representing not merely a mailbox, but ‘me’ persists waiting to present my digital self. A few months ago, I began to consider that client-side, “show… Read More »

Baby steps

23 February 2009 0

I’m taking baby steps with this new blog and making sure I’ve got the tools I want all sorted out. But the short version is that I plan on using a [Scrivener][], [TextMate][], [Markdown][], [Wordpress][] job herein. More details behind the cut. [Scrivener]: [TextMate]: [Markdown]: [Wordpress]: