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A comment on Fuchs’ Social Media.

10 October 2014 0

This is the draft text of a response that I gave to a Book Colloquim on Christian Fuchs’ “Social Media: A Critical Introduction”. The text differs somewhat from a transcript, but I’m posting it ere at the request of several in the audience. – – – I’m a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute.… Read More »

Correction!!! My NodeXL workshop is Tuesday

Just a small correction to note that my NodeXL social network analysis workshop is on Tuesday, July 5th! Still on the fence? Here’s a testamonial from Dr Jo Hamilton, ClimateXChange Coordinator at the Environmental Change Institute Oxford University Centre for the Environment. “Bernie Hogan’s workshop was an excellent introduction to the topic and themes of… Read More »

OII Network course 2011: A Showcase

For the second year in a row, I co-taught the OII’s Online Social Networks course with Dr. Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon. Again this year we had some excellent studies and some excellent students. But I thought the graphs were so visually interesting, and often creative that I’ve asked for permission to compile them in a gallery. This… Read More »

Many Faces of Facebook

6 August 2010 0

I’m a mentor for Nina Jones for BBC Material World’s contest, [“So You Want to Be a Scientist”][BBC]. We set up a survey on the project [Facebook page][FB]. The survey is finished, the data is almost cleaned and now Nina is getting ready to code the profile pictures we’ve captured. Perhaps the name of the… Read More »

New Pinwheel network layout

10 January 2010 0

I’m presently working on a chapter on Facebook networks for the forthcoming Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL edited by Marc Smith, Derek Hansen and Ben Shneiderman. Working with [NodeXL][nx] has been a lot of fun. Since NodeXL does not have native facilities for importing Facebook, there’s not much to discuss for data collection. I… Read More »

Off the Internet no one knows you’re an escapee

4 January 2010 0

Craig “Lazie” Lynch escaped from prison in September of 2009. Recently, he has become somewhat of an international spectacle as he has been posting some regular updates on [Facebook][cl]. Some probably wonder, first, what is he thinking, and second, why are so many people interested in his whereabouts? As for why he is doing it,… Read More »

Crowdsourcing sociology

21 October 2009 0

[Reddit][] has posts of all kinds, and comments to follow. This includes its fair share of navel gazing. But reddit’s penchant for self analysis has no lack of thoughtful points alongside mere complaining and in-jokes. This is doubly interesting in a recent (ongoing) discussion about the state of the site. One [user][] asked: Is [“reddiquette”][]… Read More »

Call for Papers Extended – BSTS

29 September 2009 0

We have extended our call for papers for the special issue of Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society. Please note the new dates. Feel free to contact either myself or Anabel with questions or requests for further information. Best, Anabel & Bernie REVISED CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue on “Persistence and Change in Social Media”… Read More »

The global network

5 August 2009 0

For me, presently the most impressive network in the world is not the network of email traffic, Facebook friends or cell phone calls. Both for sheer size and complexity, the personal network must surely take the cake. In many ways, it is not merely a superset of most communication networks. It is something different. It… Read More »