Hannah Kim: Google Knol Collaborations

It is a two-mode network of the authors and their articles in Knol Publishing Guild. The guild is founded by a group of authors in Google Knol who are committed to write good quality articles. The network diagram shows that most authors produce articles individually and only a few articles are produced collaboratively. The individually produced articles are on the periphery and the collaborated articles are located in the core. A closer look at the collaborated articles reveals an interesting pattern. In the two-mode network of the authors and the collaborated articles, the pink nodes are the founding members of the guild and the light grey nodes are the non-founding members. From the diagram it seems that there is a clear division between the two member types; the founding members tend to collaborate more with the other founding members and the same applies to the non-founding members. Also, the founding members seem more committed to produce collaborated articles, as depicted in the unimodal network of the authors. The founding members are located in the centre of the network with dense connections whereas the non-founding members are located on the periphery, with only a few connections.

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