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Networked Minorities

Mapping English Wikipedia via Oxford Internet Institute After the publication of our book Invisible Learning, (now available on Amazon) the Transmedia XXI century Collection (promoted by the Laboratory of Interactive Medias at the University of Barcelona), has just released a new publication called: “Minorías en red. Medios y migración en Europa” (that could be read in english as Network Minorities: media and migration… Read More »

Open Access or Open Education?

8 November 2011 0

Understanding new ways of sharing content for learning and researching. View more presentations from Cristobal Cobo Romaní (*) Above the presentation that I gave a few days ago at the Anadolu University in Eskişehir, Turkey. I was kindly invited as keynote by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU).  Rob Farrow (from the Open… Read More »

Do EU public websites facilitate the co-creation of knowledge?

Networks for Citizen Consultation and Citizen Sourcing of Expertise: Exploring Innovations in the Public Sector View more presentations from Cristobal Cobo Romaní This work was presented at the “New ICTs + New Media = New Democracy? Communications policy and public life in the age of broadband“. An “experts’ workshop” organized by New America Foundation (Washington,… Read More »

The puzzling results of the PISA test in “digital reading performance”

The last week the OECD released its most updated report with the results of the students “digital reading performance”. This assessment was applied to 470 000 students in 2009, and taken by 26 million 15-year-olds in the schools of the 65 participating countries. Before reviewing some of the most relevant results, please take a look of this curious chart… Read More »

Technology in the classrooms of developing countries

Thanks to an invitation of the Ministry of Education in Argentina and the Spanish mobile phone operator, Telefonica, we will give a couple of presentation in Buenos Aires and Corrientes, Argentina. The aim of these talks is to discuss the use of the Internet within and outside of the formal education environment (+ information). Noteworthy, that the Government of Argentina (as many others… Read More »

A broad picture of emerging technologies for the academic world

Since 2002 the New Media Consortium (NMC) develops annually the Horizon Report. This is a qualitative research that identifies and describes emerging technologies that are likely to have a large impact on teaching & learning on college and university. This prospective research is organized by periods of time (one year or less; from two to… Read More »