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Education, complexity and Internet

13 February 2014 0

Above an excerpt of the presentation given during my last talk at the Universidad Europea, in Spain. The text is cross posted from the institutional website – and here. Universidad Europea has launched the second edition of the discussion cycle Education. Educate to Transform with a lecture given by Cristóbal Cobo, a researcher at the University of Oxford,… Read More »

Can MOOCs offer new patterns of knowledge accreditation?

To what extent Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) could diversify the existing mechanisms of skills recognition and knowledge transfer? Lack of evidence in this field make challenging to distinguish between speculation and reality. However, there are promising potentials in tools such as the “Verified Certificates” to become a new academic accreditation and therefore an instrument to… Read More »

High-tech companies looking to hire people with soft skills for innovation

Emerald Group Publishing and its journal On the Horizon just released our article: “Mechanisms to identify and study the demand for innovation skills in world-renowned organizations” [Excerpt] “Since extensive studies have been carried out to establish the relationship between functional skills, economic performance and workforce this research analyzed the need of soft skills for innovation among… Read More »

If MOOCs are the Answer, What Is the Question?

26 February 2013 0

Coming Trends in Education // Tendencias Educativas Digitales from Cristobal Cobo Romaní Above the slides of a talk I gave today. The topic was ‘future trends on education‘, rather than technologies the idea was to focus on other time-tested dimensions which are relevant for the education. The plan was also to adress some of the… Read More »

New report: Strategies for Network Innovation

20 November 2012 0

Open publication – Free publishing – More europe We are delighted to present the new report “Strategies for Networked Innovation”, a working paper for the Knetworks Project Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. This report was produced by Robert Kenny (Co-Founder at Communications Chambers) as a working paper for the Knetworks project with the assistance of Cristobal Cobo, Ralph… Read More »

From Kodak Culture to networked image

[See Dr. Edgar Gomez Cruz’s album] Enclosed you will find the prologue of the new book: “From Kodak Culture to networked image. An ethnography of digital photography” (original title in Spanish: “De la Cultura Kodak a la imagen en red”), writen by Edgar Gomez Cruz. This prologue was prepared by Sarah Pink from Loughborough University. Edgar Gomez Cruz’s work… Read More »

Scholarly publication in (slow) transition to open access

  [Further Reading/Information: EU Commission announced new measures to open up science in Europe and UK open-access policy was announced.] Data from citation indexes can be analyzed to determine the popularity and impact of specific articles, authors, and publications, and the introduction of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR from Thomson Reuters) had given bibliometrics a great methodological push.… Read More »

Open Education Resources webminar in the coming Open Education Week

  A few weeks ago, we started with a new exciting project called OportUnidad (2012-2014) to promote the use, re-utilisation and promotion of Open Education Resources (OER) in Higher Education institutions in Latin America and Europe [visit the OII for more information]. This is an action-research project funded by ALFA III programmme. The first public activity… Read More »