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Open Education Resources webminar in the coming Open Education Week

  A few weeks ago, we started with a new exciting project called OportUnidad (2012-2014) to promote the use, re-utilisation and promotion of Open Education Resources (OER) in Higher Education institutions in Latin America and Europe [visit the OII for more information]. This is an action-research project funded by ALFA III programmme. The first public activity… Read More »

Networked Minorities

Mapping English Wikipedia via Oxford Internet Institute After the publication of our book Invisible Learning, (now available on Amazon) the Transmedia XXI century Collection (promoted by the Laboratory of Interactive Medias at the University of Barcelona), has just released a new publication called: “Minorías en red. Medios y migración en Europa” (that could be read in english as Network Minorities: media and migration… Read More »

A nomadic generation from the PC to the multi-context connection

Oxford Internet Surveys [summary] on Prezi In the above presentation I made a personal summary of some of the most relevant findings that I saw in the last Oxford internet Survey (OxIS) which was recently launched by Grant Blank and Bill Dutton (download report, pdf). During the presentation of OxIS, in the House of Commons Bill Dutton… Read More »

Technology in the classrooms of developing countries

Thanks to an invitation of the Ministry of Education in Argentina and the Spanish mobile phone operator, Telefonica, we will give a couple of presentation in Buenos Aires and Corrientes, Argentina. The aim of these talks is to discuss the use of the Internet within and outside of the formal education environment (+ information). Noteworthy, that the Government of Argentina (as many others… Read More »

Exploring the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of internet in Chile

Chile online 2011 View more presentations from Cristobal Cobo Romaní. Dr Sergio Godoy is Head of Research & Postgraduate Studies of Universidad Catolica de Chile’s School of Communications (UC), the country’s leading academic body in the field. He specialises in the business of communications, IT and electronic medC). Both WIP and BIT are executed in… Read More »

Invisible Learning to be published in early 2011

This interview was recorded in 1988. Then, Isaac Asimov shared ideas about the “future” of education. Interestingly, years before it was broadly adopted Asimov talked about ideas as “Internet at home”; “on laptop per child“; in addition to “informal learning” and “self-learning”. Some of his thoughts are analyzed in the coming book, “Invisible Learning”. [see the Twitterfall of  current… Read More »