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Future Internet Assembly: ‘from the lab into the real world’

‘From the lab into the real world’ [A User-Centered Approach] from Cristobal Cobo Romaní According to Wikipedia User-centered design is a ‘multi-stage problem solving process that not only requires designers to analyse and foresee how users are likely to use a product, but also to test the validity of their assumptions with regards to user… Read More »

Internet Science and the shift in academic knowledge landscape

Last week was the first International Conference of Internet Science, hosted at Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels. The event was truly  international and remarkably cross-disciplinary. Here a Twitter summary of the tweets feeds (#icis2013) of these says. These day our paper “Digital Scholarship: Exploration of Strategies and Skills for Knowledge… Read More »

#Knetworks: Educational Innovations Beyond Technology

Last week was the closing meeting of the research project KNetworks.The event that took place at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon). The meeting was a good opportunity to present some of the main outcomes and lessons learned of this multidisciplinary and international collaborative research. This initiative was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (Atlantic Programme). In… Read More »

Open Educational Practices in European and Latin American Higher Education institutions

Compendium of European and Latin American case studies and interviews on open educational resources and practices. from Cristobal Cobo Romaní   The term Open Educational Resources (OER) was coined in 2002 in discussions at the Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware UNESCO. It describes “the provision of educational resources on open license, enabled by… Read More »

Winners of Platforms for Networked Innovation Competition

Skeltrack 1.4: Jitter smoothing from Joaquim Rocha on Vimeo.This video shows the Skeltrack Kinect one of the winner of Platforms for Networked Innovation Competition.   Networks of Regional Innovation: The case of the Atlantic Region Policy Forum, 15th November 2012 – Oxford Internet Institute Special Jury Award The Oxford Internet Institute at the University of… Read More »

Radical openness in education [presentation]

Radical openness in education on Prezi We live in an exciting time. Digital technologies are becoming increasingly ubiquitous changing the centres and peripheries of knowledge production and consumption. Today it is essential to identify new learning perspectives enriched by distributed, open and collaborative communities. This talk will explore how to overcome the resistance to change in… Read More »

KNetworks Competition: Networks of Regional Innovation

At the Oxford Internet Institute we are pleased to announce a competition for the most innovative web-based platform enabling regional networks of innovation for public, private or research organizations. The platforms should foster innovation in the three areas of knowledge transfer; tourism; or e-government – broadly conceived. They should be particularly relevant to the Atlantic… Read More »

From Kodak Culture to networked image

[See Dr. Edgar Gomez Cruz’s album] Enclosed you will find the prologue of the new book: “From Kodak Culture to networked image. An ethnography of digital photography” (original title in Spanish: “De la Cultura Kodak a la imagen en red”), writen by Edgar Gomez Cruz. This prologue was prepared by Sarah Pink from Loughborough University. Edgar Gomez Cruz’s work… Read More »