Monthly Archives: November 2018

UNESCO Report: How do you educate in learning to decode the unknown? (Plan Ceibal in Uruguay)

Today we release a report we prepared for the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) the evaluation of this education and technology public policy initiative was elaborated for the serie Current and Critical Issues in Curriculum, Learning and Assessment (published in Ginebra, Suiza). Abstract: Plan Ceibal is a multi-stakeholder public policy programme in education and… Read More »

Improving Digital Education in Latin America

As Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (“inclusive and equitable quality education”), it faces several significant challenges: low student performance, poor teacher training, and high dropout rates. Students in the region spend 2.5 years less in school than the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) average. Moreover,… Read More »