Key questions to explore the future of higher education #EDEN16

Last 14-17 June 2016 in Budapest, Hungary the European Distance and E-Learning Network celebrated its 25th Anniversary. As a closing event, Michael G. Moore, Steve Wheeler,  Tony Bates and myself participated in a very engaging debate, here the video.


Although it was announced as a “a confrontation between two perspectives and theoretical approaches on this theme as different as the ones of Michael G. Moore and of Cristóbal Cobo” the true was that the exchange, enriched by the engaging participation of Steve Wheeler (and closing words from Dr. Bates), was a very lively and well articulated exchange of ideas.

This is my presentation dedicated in memory of Erik Duval who sadly passed away short time ago.

[slideshare id=63167915&doc=eden-budapestpdf-160617091159]

Rather than presenting a statement or lecture, I decided (inspired in the Neil Postman’s talk) to present 11 key questions I think are key to be explored in order to better understand the future of Higher Education.

  1. How the redefinition of knowledge production and distribution is affecting the role of Hi.ED. institutions?
  2. Is #EDTech inevitable? What part of learning is not blended?
  3. Are we innovating enough on the assessment strategies to better monitor students’ learning outcomes?
  4. How accreditation system can be more accountable AND open for assuring continuous performance, and multi-context student-learning outcomes?
  5. What is the problem to which ICT is a solution? What new problems can be created by solving the OLD ones
  6. Can ICT transform (or disrupt) old ways of teaching, learning, researching in higher education?
  7. Can Hi.Ed. provide MORE meaningful (personalized) And lifelong learning opportunities?
  8. How can Hi.Ed. meet the growing demand for knowledge without ignore the tradeoff between between scale VS. quality?
  9. How is the cross-border mobility of students, educational programmes and institutions changing the higher education landscape?
  10. Which key competencies should be fostered through learning? Are graduate students prepared for workforce and life?
  11. Do Universities Have a Future? Are they ready to deal with the disintermediation of education?


For further information, have a look at Tony’s summary of the event.