International Workshop “New Metrics for Evaluation: Towards innovation in learning” in Uruguay

15th of April 2016
Montevideo, Uruguay
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The Center for Research Ceibal Foundation in collaboration with the Instituto de Educación y Evaluación Educativa -INEEd-, the Center ICT4V and the Inter-American Development Bank – Education Division are pleased to invite you to the 1st International Workshop “New Metrics for Evaluation: Towards innovation in learning” in Uruguay (Montevideo).

The international workshop will promote exchange, discussion and analysis about the opportunities and challenges of using new metrics for assessment and evaluation in education and learning. The event will gather national and international experts, as well as institutions involved in the field of education and technology.

Nowadays, there is an increasing understanding about the relevance of developing the appropriate human capabilities, and technical and institutional conditions to implement a strategic use of data in the field of education. However, this scenario also faces some challenges. Currently, there is a substantial concern that data literacy, data protection and privacy are not sufficiently developed by education and technology stakeholders.

The boundaries between personal and private data are a matter of increasing relevance. A key question to be addressed is ‘Who owns the data?’ and to what extent the user’s data (underage in many cases) can be used by third parties. Some rights may also rest with the individual or organization that is responsible for generating and storing this data, or for arranging and visualizing sets of data in ways that generate actionable insights. A generous stream of data, continuously generated, hosted and exchanged can, if properly used, be of remarkable value to better understand how, where, and when teachers and students participate in the process of sharing and creating new knowledge. However, in order to better understand these pressing issues; the technical, educational, technological and institutional capabilities need to be well articulated.

  • Participation: Participation in the open day event can take place under one of the following modalities: speaker participation and attendee participation.
  • Speaker participation: The modality is addressed to those interested in presenting a research poster that briefly summarizes their project or applied study related to the topic of the international workshop. Anyone interested in participating under this modality should send an email to
  • Registration: Please note that although attendance will be free of charge, registration is essential as places are limited. We encourage everyone interested in confirming his or her assistance as soon as possible to the following email
  • Important Information: The organizers can offer a number of contributions to cover expenses from foreign participants for attending the open day. Those interested in applying under this scheme should send a letter to
  •  explaining their interest and current work in the field of New metrics, Learning Analytics clearly stating in the object “Application for Covering Participation Expenses”.
  • Language: The working languages of the workshop will be English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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