Disrupting the learning landscape

I had the privilege to join the official opening of the Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) which coincided with Open Education Week 2015, a five-day initiative to promote the global open education movement which, in its turn, promotes the free and open sharing of learning resources. We were joined over the two days by educators, technologists and creatives to share ideas about the future of learning. Exhibitions of current DMLL projects and demonstrations of new and emerging educational resources and technologies also formed part of the opening. The new learning lab derives its name from the business concept of ‘disruptive technologies’, technologies which gave new and emerging companies the opportunity to disrupt established markets by creating new versions of the products offered by large corporations which, they felt, no longer responded to shifting consumer demand (cross posting).

Many thanks to Dr. Shaun Hides, Jonathan Shaw and Dr. Daniel Villar-Onrubia for their hospitality.

Recommended reading:
Open education: A study in disruption van Mourik Broekman, P. , Hall, G. , Byfield, T. Hides, S. and Worthington, S.


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