Internet Science and the shift in academic knowledge landscape

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Last week was the first International Conference of Internet Science, hosted at Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels. The event was truly  international and remarkably cross-disciplinary. Here a Twitter summary of the tweets feeds (#icis2013) of these says.

These day our paper “Digital Scholarship: Exploration of Strategies and Skills for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination” which explores opportunities and some of the transitions that the academic world is facing in the digital times. Openness, digital scholarship, co-authorships, new models of knowledge creation and dissemination are discussed in this paper co-written with Concepción Naval, visiting fellow at Balliol College here in Oxford.

Below the presentation (in Slideshare) and the summary of the article (already available at the Social Science Research Network open access repository).

ABSTRACT: Widespread access to digital technologies has enabled digital scholars to access, create, share, and disseminate academic contents in innovative and diversified ways. Today academic teams in different places can collaborate in virtual environments by conducting scholarly work on the Internet. Two relevant dimensions that have been deeply affected by the emergence of digital scholarship are new facets of knowledge generation (wikis, e-science, online education, distributed R&D, open innovation, open science, peer-based production, online encyclopedias, user generated content) and new models of knowledge circulation and distribution (e-journals, open repositories, open licenses, academic podcasting initiatives, etc.). Despite the potential transformation of these novel practices and mechanisms of knowledge production and distribution, some authors suggest that digital scholarship can only be of significance if it marks a radical break in scholarship practices brought about through the possibilities enabled in new technologies. This paper address some of the key challenges and raise a set of recommendations to foster the development of key skills, new models of collaboration and cross-disciplinary cooperation between digital scholars.

Suggested Citation:

Cobo, Cristobal and Naval, Concepcion, Digital Scholarship: Exploration of Strategies and Skills for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination (April 12, 2013). International Conference on Internet Science Conference Proceedings, Brussels, April 9-11, 2013. Available at SSRN: