Time to rethink education?

I was thrilled by the invitation of IB. I was invited to speaks at the 2012 International Baccalaureate conference for the Africa, Europe and Middle East region, held in Madrid. It was simply a privilege to have the possibility to stand in front of several hundred teachers from all around the world who are eager to explore new ways of understanding education.

This multinational audience of educators was ready to accept the challenges that I presented. During my conversation with many of them I learned that several communities of teachers were already exploring a number of initiative focus on fostering a ‘culture of innovation’. It was also a good news for me to learn from the adoption of some teaching techniques that aim to develop skills for globalization within and beyond the formal learning environments.

Finally, I founded some connections between that vision and the EU Initiative on “Opening up Education” a public consultation that highlighted the importance of opening up content, learning and collaboration (pdf). The time will show if the new education strategy launched by the European Commission on November 2012 called Rethinking Education goes in a similar direction or not.