Monthly Archives: February 2012

Open Education Resources webminar in the coming Open Education Week

  A few weeks ago, we started with a new exciting project called OportUnidad (2012-2014) to promote the use, re-utilisation and promotion of Open Education Resources (OER) in Higher Education institutions in Latin America and Europe [visit the OII for more information]. This is an action-research project funded by ALFA III programmme. The first public activity… Read More »

Open Educational Practices: Khan Academy, Udacity and MITx

(The post bellow is an excerpt)* Ehlers (2011) suggest that the Open Educational Practices (OEP) is seen is as a second phase of this open educational resources (OEP) movement, where organizations such as the International Council for Open and Distance Education, remarks the importance to “promote innovative pedagogical models, and respect and empower learners as co-producers… Read More »