Networked Minorities

After the publication of our book Invisible Learning, (now available on Amazon) the Transmedia XXI century Collection (promoted by the Laboratory of Interactive Medias at the University of Barcelona), has just released a new publication called: “Minorías en red. Medios y migración en Europa(that could be read in english as Network Minorities: media and migration in Europe), written by Cilia Willem and Anaïs Le Corvec.

Minorias en Red

This book is the third of the trilogy (preceded by Geekonomy and Invisible Learning). This new publication offers a case study that analyzes how the Internet has been used to build social capital among those low income ethnics and migrant minorities. The authors explored how those communities interact through the Internet, and either those practices foster their social inclusion or not. In this framework the authors analysed  how the digital inclusion places a key rol in among the migrant population. [The first version of this publication is only available in Spanish].

Here you can download an early version in english [pdf].


[Alain Touraine talking about Immigrants in Europe]