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Invisible Learning – book review

26 September 2011 0

** This is a cross-post written by Mitch Weisburgh on September 23, 2011 in Academic-Biz. ** 1o days ago, the eBook ‘Invisible Learning’ was realeased with Creative Commns.  And we are pleased to say that so far 5,000 people have already downloaded it!   This is a summary of Aprendizaje Invisible (Invisible Learning, in English), an ebook… Read More »

Do EU public websites facilitate the co-creation of knowledge?

Networks for Citizen Consultation and Citizen Sourcing of Expertise: Exploring Innovations in the Public Sector View more presentations from Cristobal Cobo Romaní This work was presented at the “New ICTs + New Media = New Democracy? Communications policy and public life in the age of broadband“. An “experts’ workshop” organized by New America Foundation (Washington,… Read More »