Just another TEDx talk

The next week I’ll be participating in a TEDx talk event. This is a thrilling experience and I’m delighted for the invitation. This talk will be in Madrid (date: June 25th 2011, from 10:00 to 18:00 CET) and the name of the TED franchise is TEDxPlazaCibeles .

The idea is to give a talk that explores and compares the old and the 21st century literacies. I have had compiled a set of research about technology and innovation; digital literacy; 21st century skills; geo-tagging Wikipedia; OLPC combined with some of the white papers and public policies strategies and recommendations of the European Commission. Now the challenge is say everything in 18 minutes or so. I see this event as an opportunity to share some of the cool topics and research developed by my colleagues and me at the Oxford Internet Institute.

The event will be full of brilliant people such us Mario Pena lecturer at MIT; Miguel Brechner chairman of the One Laptop per Child program (CEIBAL) in Uruguay; Richard Rowe Chief Executive Officer of the Open Learning Exchange, (Ph.D. in Columbia University); Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart director of the German Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency.

I have to say that this is not my first experience over the TED stage. The very first one was just one year ago in Mexico (TEDxLaguna), when I was presenting some of the key ideas of the book that John Moravec and I just published a few weeks ago (“Invisible Learning“, 2011, published University of Barcelona). Due to the massive interest in that presentation (more than 15,000 views so far), I decided to translated into English (which was not a quick task). To see the the English version, please click here and then press the red CC button.