Network for Citizen Consultation and Citizen Sourcing of Expertise -Exploring Innovations in the Public Sector

Above the first introduction to the KNetworks‘ research that will be developed by us during the coming months (FUAC, La Coruña, Spain).

The emergence of the Internet and particularly the so called 2.0 technologies are allowing the adoption of unprecedented mechanism of communication and exchange which open up questions about how these new devices have been adopted in the government to citizens (G2C) interaction.

There are remarkable examples that facilitate collaboration and distributed integration of ideas between people who want to exchange their knowledge through digital platforms such as: Wikipedia; Innocentives; Firefox; Android, among many others. The potential of these tools in the G2C online communication still remains a subjected to be analyzed.

This study aims to:

1. Examine websites from the public sector in order to identify if they facilitate the creation of citizen distributed problem solving.
2. Analyze different eGovernment website and identify to what extent they adopt the levels of 1.0.Sharing; 2.0.Contributing and 3.0.Co-creating of knowledge (Dutton, 2008 ).
3. Identify the degree of e-openness and the adoption of collaborative tools in the eGovernment websites in order to facilitate citizen “distributed problem solving”.
4. Review and identify relevant patterns, mechanisms and services that add significant value through crowdsourcing citizen’s ideas.