A broad picture of emerging technologies for the academic world

Since 2002 the New Media Consortium (NMC) develops annually the Horizon Report. This is a qualitative research that identifies and describes emerging technologies that are likely to have a large impact on teaching & learning on college and university. This prospective research is organized by periods of time (one year or less; from two to three years and from four to five years). See the 2010 English version of the report (pdf).

This year I was pleased to be invited to collaborate on the board of the New Media Consortium. This invitation was particularly thrilling because the goal was to work on the first report in Spanish. The result of this prospective research took several months and now is available on line (download pdf). I was told that soon this document will be also published in English. This study, called “2010 Iberoamerican Horizon Report” was organized by the NMC and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

A remarkable aspect is that the result of the experience is a valuable open access “inventory” of tools, technologies and resources that could be used for research and education. Other interesting thing that I learned from this project was the methodology adopted by the organizing committee: A novel integration of Delphi; panel of experts; using a wiki and a face to face focus group. That is what I call a mashup methodology (download summary).

This week the UOC will organize a webinar to discuss the applicability and relevance of this research and to disseminate some of the results. I was invited to give a talk about “open repositories” (date: 16 de december de 16:00h to 17:30h CET). If anybody would like to attend, please access the following blog of the eLearn Center, UOC (eLC) or fill this short form.