Monthly Archives: December 2010

Invisible Learning to be published in early 2011

This interview was recorded in 1988. Then, Isaac Asimov shared ideas about the “future” of education. Interestingly, years before it was broadly adopted Asimov talked about ideas as “Internet at home”; “on laptop per child“; in addition to “informal learning” and “self-learning”. Some of his thoughts are analyzed in the coming book, “Invisible Learning”. [see the Twitterfall of  current… Read More »

A broad picture of emerging technologies for the academic world

Since 2002 the New Media Consortium (NMC) develops annually the Horizon Report. This is a qualitative research that identifies and describes emerging technologies that are likely to have a large impact on teaching & learning on college and university. This prospective research is organized by periods of time (one year or less; from two to… Read More »